Do you have employees?  Are you considering hiring someone as an employee?  Do you
know the payroll laws?  How to calculate payroll taxes?  How to file quarterly returns?  
How to process W-2's?  Do you know the penalties for failing to do any of the above?  
Trust me, you don't want to find out.  Don't leave your payroll needs up to chance if
you're not sure what to do.  Checks & Balances Bookkeeping Services offers full payroll
service from furnishing your employees with the proper forms to get started through
processing and mailing their year end W-2's.  We'll calculate their deductions, let you
know the appropriate tax payment according to your reporting requirements, process and
file your quarterly and annual returns.  

We offer
several ways to handle your payroll needs.

Outside Payroll Service:
If you have a large staff consisting of 5 or more employees, engaging the services of an
outside payroll service may be more cost effective. They take care of processing the
checks, paying the taxes, filing the quarterlies and processing the W-2's. What we simply
do is book the gross salary, tax liability and payroll processing fee via a journal entry to
reflect the expense.

Quickbooks Payroll:
Quickbooks offers a separate payroll module not included in the initial software which
allows for easy setup of multiple employees.
Quickbooks calculates the taxes and sets up
the paychecks to print based upon the withholding information input for each employee,
as well as processes the federal and state withholding tax payment, federal quarterly
returns and year end W-2's with just the push of a button. Only the quarterly state
unemployment return (SUTA) needs to be done manually.  

The choice is yours.  
Ask us today how we can help.