Quickbooks Setup  Maintenance
If the picture above resembles your current method of accounting, then it's time to
consider computerizing.  Most new, small businesses start out with 'shoe-box
accounting', but over time those receipts begin to grow out of control.  And....just
because your business is small, doesn't mean it can't appear professional.  And a tailored
balance sheet and financial statements look better when presenting to a bank for a loan
rather than a pencil-filled ledger sheet.

Quickbooks is one of the most popular and versatile accounting packages on the market.
Whether you're looking to convert your manual bookkeeping system or already have
Quickbooks and aren't sure if you set it up correctly, we can assist in structuring your
customers, vendors, chart of accounts, etc. based upon the specific needs of your
company.  Proper set up will make obtaining reports on your financial position as easy as
pressing a button!

More importantly, if these economic downtimes has left your business strapped for cash
and unable to shell out almost $400 for Quickbooks or even to upgrade your current
computer system to handle the latest version, that's no problem!  Heck, you don't even
need an office!  Why???  Because our complete off-site services takes that pressure (and
expense) off your shoulders and puts it onto ours. Upon our initial consultation, we'll
give you a detailed list of the items we'll need to set up your company in our latest
version of Quickbooks and tailor it to the specific needs of your company.  You then
hand over the information and we take it from there.  That shoe box full of papers will
be turned into detailed and easily  understandable reports.  

And Quickbooks is great for
general and sub-contractors who need to track what they're
spending on multiple jobs compared to what they've estimated.  We can also setup cost
codes designed to help you track job-related costs so you'll always know if you're over or
under budget.   Quickbooks also enables you to track your subcontractor labor and flag
them so you'll have a quick report at the end of the year as to who gets a
Form 1099

If this is something your company is in dire need us, please contact us to set up a free
consultation to get started on streamlining your bookkeeping system and taking the
burden off your shoulders