1099 Preparation & Reporting
If you're business engages the services of an independent contractor, then you
are required to furnish that IC with a Form 1099.

Form 1099 reports monies paid to the IC throughout the calendar year to the
IRS.  Proper setup of your IC vendors in will enable you to print your 1099's
right from Quickbooks - an incredible timesaver, especially if you have a lot of
1099 recipients

Form 1099 MUST be furnished to the recipients no later than January 31st
following the end of the previous calendar year and reported to the IRS no later
than February 28th.  Our service provides the preparation, mailing and
reporting of 1099's.

Also, do you know if the IC you are paying is really classified by the IRS as an
'employee'?  If not, then take a look at this
IRS Tax Tip on Independent
Contractors vs. Employees.  I can't begin to tell you the number of businesses
who are paying services to individuals who think they are IC's, when really they
are classified by the IRS as employees.  And, if you are audited and it is
determined that the IC's you've been paying all along are really 'employees', the
back payroll taxes, penalties and interest levied upon you can be devestating.  

If it is determined that they are 'employees', we can set you up with a cost
payroll system.